Serena Williams and Tom Cruise block Martin Brundle on Miami Grand Prix grid walk | F1 | Sport

Martin Brundle was banned from talking to Tom Cruise while he also dodged a chat with Serena Williams at the Miami Grand Prix. The Sky Sports commentator admitted he had been told to not approach the Hollywood actor on his famous pre-race grid walk.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1, Brundle said: “Tom Cruise although I was specifically told I’m not allowed to speak to Tom but that doesn’t usually stop us does it?” Brundle also walked straight past tennis legend Serena Williams after claiming he “can’t stand the rejection”.

Afterwards, Brundle joked that there were many people on the grid who only “think they are famous”. He laughed: “Plenty of people on the grid. You can’t actually see cars when you get further own here because there are just so many people.

“They all think they are famous. Some of them very much are.”

However, he did enjoy interviews with NBA star Paulo Banchero and F1 royalty such as Mario Andretti and former world champion Jackie Stewart. Brundle asked Stewart if he could grab Roger Federer with the 83-year-old desperately trying to get through security.

Brundle said: “You can’t beat up Sir Jackie Stewart. Jackie don’t get yourself in trouble. I’ve only got 30 seconds anyway, 20 seconds… 15. We’re out of time unfortunately.” Stewart succeeded and brought over the Grand Slam tennis ace for a quick chat.

Brundle had a brief discussion with Cruise at last season’s British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

However, the Top Gun star appeared desperate to leave the gris and gave only brief answers before making an exit. Brundle said: “Welcome to the grid again. Congratulations on the movie that’s just gone down a storm. Are you cheering for anybody particular today?”

Cruise replied: “Lewis (Hamilton) always. I love to watch him racing and he’s a good friend of mine. Hopefully, he has a great day.” After the chat, Brundle explained: “Got pushed around a bit. But he was lovely. Would have liked to have talked to him for a bit longer.”

Brundle was blocked from chatting with Brad Pitt at last year’s United States Grand Prix after being grabbed by a security guard. He was also snubbed by American rapper Megan Thee Stallion in Austin back in 2021.

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