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Royal fans point out a host of issues with the official Coronation portraits

A royal fan has pointed out a host of issues they have with the official portraits taken for the Coronation of King Charles III.

This includes the fact, they claim, that Charles’ crown is “crooked” and that his shirt is “garishly purple”.

In fact, social media users have compared the colour of Charles’ shirt to the LA Lakers uniform.

Others called the hue “cheap” and “gaudy”, while some suggested the fact women didn’t wear tiaras looked “ridiculous”.

The verified Twitter user “Queen Catherine”, an American royal watcher, the user wrote: “Trying not to be nit-picky about the official family portrait but I have so much to say…”

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@silver_lining85 responded: “Pray do tell…don’t keep us in suspense.” So, Queen Catherine posted her list of qualms with the official portrait.

The Twitter user wrote down her issues with the portrait in numerical order.

She wrote:

“1. No new royal family order

2. Charles’ crown is slightly crooked

3. No consistency with sashes/robes/royal family orders/dress code?

4. Camilla’s dress isn’t smoothed out

5. As much as I love Edward and Sophie helping Princess Alexandra stand, she would have looked just as nice sitting down, and no one would have batted an eye.

6. The portrait they released should’ve included the Wales children and the future of the monarchy.

7. Charles’ shirt is almost garishly purple. And it looks like pajamas.

8. Even though women didn’t wear tiaras to the abbey they should have in this picture. It looks ridiculous wearing headpieces next to the king and queen who are wearing crowns.”

Twitter user @MDDearth wrote: “When I saw that purple shirt I thought of the LA Lakers.”

Queen Catherine responded: “Dying at this comment. I knew that color was familiar.”

@HonestGirl76 wrote: “I can’t believe the tone of that purple garment hasn’t received more attention. It reads cheap, looks gaudy, and like many garments, ill-fitting.”

Others added their complaints too. @ramblingivy22 wrote: “Can I add another one? It’s unbalanced: too many ladies in white on one side, and people in dark clothing on the other.”

She also added: “I also think it’s dominated by the background. Too much background; you have to zoom in to see the people clearly. Surely it could have been cropped?”

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