Putin suffers nightmare as Ukrainian drones wipe out boats | World | News

Ukraine launched a spectacular and devastating attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, inflicting major damage on Putin’s navy.

The Black Sea Fleet is stationed in Crimea, which was illegally annexed by Russia in 2014.

Throughout the current war, Ukraine has managed to sink a number of vessels from the fleet including the Moskva flagship missile cruiser.

Through a combination of missiles and drones, Kyiv’s army has succeeded in nullifying the threat from Putin’s navy in the Black Sea, regularly inflicting huge humiliations on the fleet.

This has allowed Ukraine to keep open its commercial sea channels, enabling it to continue its grain exports – a vital source of income for Kyiv’s beleaguered government.

In another daring raid captured by onboard video cameras, Ukrainian maritime drones attacked a a Russian ship-and-boat warehouse in the Crimea.

Russia‘s army scrambled its aircraft thirty two times in a desperate bid to prevent the drones from hitting their target.

Images show the water drones coming under intense fire from both a helicopter and missiles fired from onshore.

Despite the barrage of rounds and missiles, the drones smash into their target creating an almighty explosion which send balls of flame into the night’s sky.

Four Russian KS-701 Tuna high speed transport and landing boats were destroyed in the attack, as well as two ferries – the Avangard and Conro Trader.

The KS-701 boats were used to help guard the Kerch bridge, a vital supply route for Russia‘s armies in southern Ukraine.

To add insult to injury, another Russian boat was also destroyed in a separate strike on the same night.

The « Dream » pilot boat was hit by the falling debris of a Ukrainian rocket that had been shot down by Russian air defence systems.

The incident happened at the Kerch ferry crossing. The falling debris caused the boat to crash and sink.

However, crew members were able to leave the ship and there were no reported injuries.

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