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Prince Harry feared to pull ‘self-absorbed stunt’ at King’s Coronation following UK trip | Royal | News

Fears have arisen that Prince Harry could pull a “self-absorbed stunt” at the Kings’ Coronation next month, according to a commentator. This is after his recent UK visit coincided with the King’s visit to Germany, which was Charles’s first overseas tour as monarch. Royal expert and Sky News Australia’s contributor Nigel Jones has claimed the Royal Family should be “apprehensive” of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s potential UK visit next month.

Writing in his recent article, Mr Jones wrote: “Harry intentionally timed his trip to coincide with his father’s trip to Germany.”

He added that Harry made his recent visit, which was for the phone hacking court case in London, “all about him”.

Mr Jones added: “His day in court should make us apprehensive as to whether he intends to try and pull a similarly self-absorbed stunt at his father’s Coronation next month.

“Approaching the age of 40, Harry really does need to grow up and appreciate that the world has other priorities than the wounded pride of privilege princeling.”

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After some speculation over whether the couple would receive an invite, the Sussexes confirmed one had been extended to them last month.

In their statement, they did however, fail to confirm if they would be on hand to celebrate the King’s big day.

The day of the Coronation – May 6 – also coincides with the couple’s son Archie’s birthday. The Sussexes’s eldest child will turn four.

The couple also share a daughter named Lilibet, who will turn two in June.

It was reported on Monday that the deadline to accept the Coronation, for some guests, was April 3.

The Palace reportedly stated this in the invites, which were sent out last month.

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