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Prince Harry and Meghan warned delay over Coronation decision could ‘backfire’ | Royal | News

risk looking like they are “playing media games” if they wait until the last minute to confirm an attendance to the , a PR expert has told Liv Arnold, founder of Public Status PR, suggests this “could backfire” though understands why Harry chose to visit the UK under the radar this week given the media “circus” around his book.

Harry is in London as part of legal proceedings over alleged breaches of privacy. The Duke is suing Associated Newspapers, the publisher of the Daily Mail which “vigorously denies” all the claims against it.

But Arnold said it would be difficult for Harry and Meghan to remain quiet about their attendance at the Coronation in May.

“Keeping the visit quiet, the public might think they’re still playing media games by waiting until the last minute. Like it’s a treat that they’re attending,” she said.

“Considering their status, it’ll be difficult to keep their attendance quiet.

“Like Harry’s recent UK appearance, people would be speculating why he made that choice.”

She added: “No matter what, there will be press coverage. A surprise visit on the day will still bring media attention.

“It’s the nature of being royalty, despite them turning their back on it.”

But if they do choose to keep their attendance under wraps until the day, Arnold saidf it could “backfire”.

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She explained: “If they make a surprise visit, there will be a lot of buzz and all focus will be on them.

The reason Harry may have chosen to stay quiet about his most recent visit to London is to avoid a media “frenzy”, she said.

“Every time they’ve been in the media, it’s become a circus or a frenzy. The book Spare and the documentary shone the spotlight on them [Harry and Meghan],” she said.

Harry is among a group of claimants, including Elton John, Elizabeth Hurley and Sadie Frost, accusing Associated Newspapers Limited of privacy breaches.

The claimants allege they have been the victims of “abhorrent criminal activity” and “gross breaches of privacy” by the publisher.

Harry was spotted by reporters leaving a black cab and entering the High Court building on Sunday.

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