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A ghost chaser claims she has captured the movements of an executed murderer on tape after spending the night in Canada’s oldest jailhouse. Paranormal investigator Chelsey Lacelle spent the night in the Old Goal, in New Brunswick, Canada, which was built in 1832.

The structure is reportedly haunted by the tortured souls of those who were put to death or died there over the years, the Mirror reports

It originally cost £3,393 to build, with cell doors being made out of solid iron. At the time, the only source of warmth was from one wood stove at the end of the corridor.

However, due to the cold and consequential deaths, wooden walls were added to insulate the cells in the 1930s.

Each of the ten cells measures six-by-eight feet in size, creating a claustrophobic cell for the all-male prisoners.

The jail was used as a temporary holding place until it closed in 1979, due to reports of terrible conditions for inmates and multiple local protests against its use.

The jail is known to be home to several spirits, most notably Thomas Hutchings, the last man to be executed by hanging at the site for the crime of murder.

He was left on the ground in the courthouse for 12 hours following his death and, while visiting the jail, the paranormal investigation claimed he felt him touch her hair. Many other gruesome deaths took place in the gaol, including burnings, hangings and multiple suicides.

Living above the jail were the jail officer and his wife. Sadly, she burned to death in unknown circumstances.

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Paranormal investigator Chelsey Lacelle spent the night in the haunted jail cell, interacting with the spirit of Thomas, along with other spirits who revealed themselves to her through a rem device.

A REM device, also known as a radiating electromagneticity device, is used to detect the presence of spirits and is an important tool in ghost hunting.

She said: « There are people who committed suicide in here, someone froze to death, someone burned to death. There were a lot of tragic ways to die happening here.

« You feel the heaviness of spirits as soon as you walk into the corridors. We believe Thomas was the one who touched my hair. He came through the spirit box a couple of times and moved a couple of things for us.

« I love being able to capture shots like these, being present in these moments is amazing. It feels like you have taken a step back in time. »


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