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Butler was involved in Teen Vogue’s Young shoot in October 2012, where he chatted about his history and what made him want to become an actor.

“I realised I wanted to be an actor when I was about 11 or 12,” he explained, before going on to talk about his influences.

One of them was, of course, the man of mystery himself: 007.

Butler said: “I’d like to be the first American James Bond!”

At the time of writing, an American actor has still never taken on the role of James Bond.

The actors who have embodied Bond include (Scottish), Pierce Brosnan (Irish) and George Lazenby (Australian). These stars are on top of Daniel Craig, and Timothy Dalton who are all British.

However, Butler went on to promise Bond fans: “I’d do it with a British accent!”

For now, the latest Bond odds place at the top of Ladbrokes’ leaderboard with a powerful 5/2.

The young Brit recently became a favourite after rumours hit that he had already done some screen testing for the role.

He is swiftly followed by , however, who also has a strong 5/2 on taking his martinis shaken, not stirred.

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