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Mother distraught after son and daughter die on same day six years apart | UK | News

A mother has said she now has “nothing” after both of her beloved children tragically died in Birmingham. Claire Pearson, 34, sadly died on April 29 and was a wonderful person, according to her devastated mum, who lost her son, Mark Gaines, exactly six years ago on the same date.

Mark died after having a stroke while celebrating a Birmingham City goal against Huddersfield Town.

As a result, his mother, Julia Pearson, has been left heartbroken after losing her only children.

Claire had been suffering from long Covid, which Julia believes may have played a role in her daughter’s death.

Julia told Birmingham Live: “She had major fatigue all the time after catching it during lockdown.

“Claire struggled to get GP appointments and hardly got any support – it was awful. She was referred to a clinic but didn’t have any X-rays or scans. She had all these different allergies and kept getting shingles.”

Despite her battle with Covid, Claire continued to work as a public guardian officer.

On the night she died, Claire went to bed at her residence in Acocks Green feeling exhausted, according to her mother Julia.

Claire was known for her kind and compassionate nature, which her mother described as having a “caring heart”.

Julia said: “My friend was over and Claire would normally come down to say bye but she didn’t. I went upstairs to wake her up but that’s when I found her unresponsive. I only had two children…now I’ve got none. I’ve got nothing.”

A coroner is yet to establish Claire’s official cause of death.

Despite the heartbreaking loss of her daughter, Julia shared that she found some solace in the fact that she was by Claire’s side in her final moments.

She also revealed that she had sold her house in July and had planned to move on March 31, but the sale had fallen through.

Julia added: “Everyone kept telling me there’s a reason that happened and I’m glad it did now because I was moving far away and it would have taken me four hours to get back to Birmingham to see Claire. I would’ve been isolated.”

Julia remembered her daughter Claire as a lively and enthusiastic person who enjoyed going to the gym before contracting COVID-19.

Claire was also a passionate supporter of Birmingham City, much like her late brother Mark.

Julia also mentioned that the heartfelt messages from Claire’s friends have been comforting.

She said: “She was a social butterfly; very popular; always there for anyone who needed help. She had such a caring and beautiful heart and was a stunning girl.

“I cannot fathom how I’ve lost both my children on the same date. I’m heartbroken.”

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