Meghan Markle news: She wore a necklace with a message during the Coronation celebrations

Meghan Markle was joined by friends as she was photographed walking in California on the day of the Coronation of King Charles III.

She wore a necklace, made by a friend, with a special message and a special link to the early days of her relationship with Prince Harry.

The mum-of-two wore the May Brenner x Abigail Spencer ‘The Clarity Retreat’ Necklace, which costs £390.

The necklace was made by May Brenner in collaboration with Meghan’s friend and former Suits costume designer Abigail Spencer.

The collaborators who say they “share a similar spiritual journey as women, artists and mothers” created the “powerful” necklace.

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It has a special message about allowing the wearer to “let go of anything that’s not working” and “protect (their) peace”.

The brand says: “The Clarity Retreat Necklace is just the thing to help you see your way through any challenges.

“Made with a hand cut clear quartz, this crystal is regarded as the most powerful energy amplifier on the planet!

“It’s meant to help you manifest what you want in life and let go of anything that’s not working. A subtle wearable crystal piece to protect your peace…so every day can be your retreat.”

The necklace is named the “retreat” necklace because, according to the brand the words means: “The state of being in a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax.”

The brand already has a very special link to Meghan and Harry, playing a role in the early days of their relationship.

Maya Brenner is a jewellery designer from Berkley, California. She began making jewellery while working as a social worker in New York.

Famous fans include the likes of Kate Parry, Eva Longoria, and Jessica Simpson and her pieces are now sold in retailers like Anthropologie and Neiman Marcus.

Meghan famously first wore a piece from May Brenner when she donned the “M H” necklace, confirming her suspected relationship with Prince Harry.

After Meghan wore the necklace the brand became so popular in the UK, Brenner opened a London office.

On the hike, Meghan also a wore wedding gift from Charles for the first time in over a year.

King Charles had a £15,000 bracelet specially made for the former actress by royal warrant holders Bentley & Skinner.

The last time the Duchess wore the piece was on April 17, 2022, during the Invictus Games in The Hague.

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