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Meghan and Harry coming to term Royal Family crucial to financial success | Royal | News

Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex have realised their brand is dependent on their royal link, a PR expert has argued.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex appear to be trying to remedy the popularity loss they have suffered since the release of Spare by splitting up on Coronation Day.

Buckingham Palace confirmed on Wednesday that while Harry will attend the service in London, Meghan will remain in California with her children.

PR expert Mario Almonte told argued the Duke and Duchess have come to terms with the fact their royal connection is necessary for their brand to survive because of the criticism they faced after the release of Spare.

Almonte said: “The backlash from Harry’s book made Harry and Meghan realise that the value of their ‘brand’ greatly depends on Harry’s royal standing.

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“As such, they need to assure the public that they haven’t been fully cast out of the Palace and are still royalty.”

He suggested the couple likely agreed to a deal with the King to guarantee a spot in Westminster Abbey while ensuring the whole attention focussed on His Majesty and the Queen Consort on the day.

Almonte continued: “This is King Charles’ day and he doesn’t want anyone or anything spoiling it for him.

“He has made it clear to his wayward son that he wants a serene, respectful and sombre Coronation, full of pomp and circumstance and minimal drama.

“If Harry should bring Meghan, they will suck up enormous media attention and controversy.”

Herman & Almonte PR president added: “Everyone will be watching the interaction of the family for any signs of discord, animosity, or resentment. Heaven forbid if any of them should inadvertently make a face that can be interpreted as annoyance!

“Harry and Meghan are complying with this request because they realize it is in their best interest to ‘lay low’ as a couple for a while and for Harry to maintain some connection with the Royal Family.”

The Duke and Duchess previously reunited with royal relatives for special occasions, notably the celebrations for the Platinum Jubilee and the Queen’s funeral last year.

But they will not be putting up a united front for the Coronation, choosing instead to have Harry alone face the Royal Family. CEO Alison Lancaster told “Prince Harry is aware that this is one of, if not the most significant events in the King’s life and that Meghan’s presence could potentially overshadow the occasion.

“The British public may interpret this as both a way for the King to make it clear that Megan is not welcome at the coronation and a way to mend their shaky relationship.”

But experts have also pointed out Coronation Day also marks the fourth birthday of the couple’s son, Archie Harrison.

Author Omid Scobie suggested the family celebration likely played a role in Harry and Meghan’s decision not to both attend.

Scobie wrote on Twitter: “I understand that Archie’s fourth birthday (also on May 6) played a factor in the couple’s decision.

“Expect it to be a fairly quick trip to the UK for Prince Harry, who will only be attending the coronation ceremony at Westminster Abbey.”

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