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Back in January, Elvis Presley fans were shocked and saddened by the sudden death of his only child Lisa Marie Presley at just 54.

Alongside immediate family members like her mother Priscilla and three daughters, her cousins who lived with her at Graceland also paid tribute.

And more recently one of them, Danny Smith, her childhood playmate at the Tennessee mansion, has shared sweet memories from the 1970s.

In a new video on his Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel, he shared how Lisa Marie loved coming to stay at Graceland.

After her parents separated in 1972, she lived with her mother most of the time in California but stayed with her father The King during the holidays.

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Lisa Marie would announce her arrival to her cousins by circling their trailer on the Graceland estate in a golf cart. The sassy daughter of Elvis would jokingly call them “turds” and bang on the walls until Danny and his brother Joey got up to come out and play.

Her cousin remembered: “We decided to hold onto the back of the golf cart or else we’d try to tie ropes sometimes and let Lisa pull us on our skateboards down the drive or up the drive. When we’d go down the drive though she’d laugh her butt off. She would hit the brakes and of course our butts would go into the back of the golf cart! She’d think that was so funny.”

Aside from running around Graceland and driving Elvis’ Aunt Delta crazy, Danny also shared a very touching moment when Lisa Marie was left in tears over her father.

Danny shared: “One night it was getting close to Lisa having to go back to California. We were sitting on the staircase with all the mirrors that goes down to the pool room. She was upset… crying a little bit.

“I asked her what was wrong and she would say that she just wasn’t ready to go back and she’d say things like she wished she could stay…and how much she enjoyed being with her Daddy and all the things we’d done.

“We would sit and talk it out about things we’d done and the things we’d do next time she came. She loved it and she didn’t like for her Daddy to go anywhere without her and of course they did.”

Lisa Marie is now buried in Graceland’s Meditation Garden near her father Elvis.


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