Kate accused of wastefulness as fans spot detail in her Coronation look: ‘Duped us’

Royal fans believe Princess Kate wore two dresses during the Coronation after great speculation about the outfit hidden beneath her gown at Westminster Abbey.

The official portrait of the Royal Family was released on Monday – taken by photographer Hugo Burnand in the throne room at Buckingham Palace.

The photos have left fans confused about the dress Kate wore to the Coronation ceremony, as fans have spotted aspects which may mean the Princess was wearing a different dress.

Amanda Matta is a royal expert who has become popular on social media and she has explained why she believes why Kate may have worn a different dress.

In her latest video on Tiktok, Matta claimed: “[Kate] has duped us. This is not the dress she wore to the Coronation, but it is the dress she changed into for the Coronation portraits, probably so she could wear the Queen’s diamonds.”

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Matta added: “The dress she wore at the Coronation had a high neckline. The dress she wore in the portraits does not. The embroidery on the two dresses also seems to be slightly different.”

In the official Coronation portrait, the Princess of Wales can be seen with a V-cut neckline, while her dress at the Coronation ceremony has a tighter neckline.

In the portrait photograph, Kate is also paying tribute to Queen Elizabeth II by wearing one of the late monarch’s favourite jewellery pieces, the George VI Festoon diamond necklace given her by George VI in 1950.

However, Matta also shared her thoughts about the possibility Kate did wear two dresses. She said it was not a good look for the royal at a Coronation meant to pay tribute to King Charles’s work for the environment.

Matta said: “At a Coronation which is being billed as sustainable and an ode to the King’s love of the planet. Two bespoke Alexander McQueen dresses, brand new and made for this day is not sustainable in any way shape or form.”

Viewers writing in Amanda’s comment section shared their thoughts, with one person saying: “These people are so out of touch they have no idea what sustainability means.”

However, other royal fans have been quick to point out that Kate may not have been wearing two different dresses, but may have been wearing a cape similar to that of Princess Charlotte. They suggest it had simply been hidden while Kate was wearing her ceremonial robes at the Coronation.

One popular comment said: “I think it’s the same dress with a cape similar to Charlotte’s [outfit] while somebody else wrote: “Is it possible she had a light cape or neck cover on under the robes?”

Matta responded to one fan speculating it was a cape, and said: “Cape under cape makes ZERO sense.”

Another person said “She is the future Queen, She can wear as many dresses as she likes!” while another user said: “Why would Kate have worn two dresses? Camilla didn’t and she was the co-star of the day.”

Matta responded in the comment section: “Love everyone rushing to pull the excuses out to make Kate look good when you KNOW if it was [Meghan Markle] I was talking about you’d immediately start bashing.”

However, one royal fan said that Kate may have worn the dress back to front, which was a theory Amanda agreed with.

In the comments, Amanda said: “This would make sense because she does wear her clothes backwards sometimes.”

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