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Fast X is just a matter of weeks away, and fans of the franchise are keen to see how things are going to play out. The tenth chapter in the Fast and Furious film series continues the story of Dominic Toretto (played by ) as his family are – once again! – under threat. This time, though, it’s a brand new villain at the helm of his misery. star Jason Momoa plays Dante Reyes, a scorned gang member who blames Toretto for his history of pain.

Fast X is the tenth movie in the series and the penultimate chapter of the story. An 11th movie has already been announced and is due to hit cinemas in 2025. The untitled final part of the series is going to bring the Fast and Furious series to an end after almost 25 years of movies.

Fast X hits cinemas this month, but tickets for the movie are available NOW. So film, car, and Vin Diesel fans can book their spots in cinemas ahead of time to secure their spot.

Wise Fast and Furious fans can see the movie for “free” – more or less – by utilising a deal that is available right now using Odeon cinema’s special subscription service.

Here’s all the information you need:

Fast and Furious fans can see Fast X for next to nothing by subscribing to Odeon Limitless here.

Odeon Limitless is an exclusive subscription service that charges film fans a flat monthly fee of £14.99 in return for an unlimited amount of film viewings across the calendar month.

With this in mind, film lovers wanting to see Fast X this month will be able to grab tickets to see the movie for free if they sign up for Odeon Limitless. In order to do this, subscribers can subscribe to the monthly payment HERE, and then book tickets to any other movie during the month of May. Once this has happened, cinemagoers will have already made their money back for the Odeon Limitless subscription, meaning that seeing Fast X after another film will effectively be totally FREE.

The deals don’t stop there, however. After seeing one film, and then seeing Fast X, Odeon subscribers can still see an unlimited amount of films throughout May totally free – including the upcoming movie The Little Mermaid, and Ari Aster’s thriller Beau Is Afraid.

What’s more, Odeon Limitless subscriptions give a bunch of other benefits, as well. First of all, subscribers get 10 percent off selected food and drink at Odeon cinemas – this includes popcorn and fizzy drinks. This also includes the likes of nachos, pizza, chicken strips, hotdogs and more.

Limitless users will also receive invites to exclusive, pre-release screenings, long before the general public. This means you may even get the chance to see some movies before your friends, if you play your cards right.

There are some caveats to the deal, however.

The Odeon Limitless plan only allows for standard seating tickets at cinemas. If fans want to upgrade to premier seats, that is doable by adding another £2 to every order.

It is also important to note that the Odeon Limitless deal requires a three-month minimum term when paying monthly. This means you won’t be able to leave the contract until three months have passed. But, as long as you see more than one movie per month, you’ll be earning money.

Odeon Limitless is available monthly for £14.99, or save £9 by paying £170 for a full 12-month subscription – Subscribe HERE.

Fast X is due to hit UK cinemas on Friday, May 19, 2023.

This is the first Fast and Furious movie to arrive in cinemas since the 2021 movie F9 (otherwise known as Fast 9 and Fast & Furious 9).

Fast X is the penultimate entry in the Fast and Furious franchise and will be followed up by an as-of-yet untitled 11th instalment in 2025.

The official synopsis of Fast X reads: “Over many missions and against impossible odds, Dom Toretto and his family have outsmarted and outdriven every foe in their path. Now, they must confront the most lethal opponent they’ve ever faced. Fueled by revenge, a terrifying threat emerges from the shadows of the past to shatter Dom’s world and destroy everything – and everyone – he loves.”

The movie’s trailer has already shown off the return of Toretto’s brother, Jakob Toretto (played by John Cena), as well as Letty, Ortiz, Mia Toretto, and Han Lue.

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