How to get cleavage without a bra

Strapless bras can be one of the most intimidating types of brassiere for a lot of women to wear. They can itch, pinch or leave you without enough support. Now, fashion expert Madeline Josephine has explained how to accentuate your cleavage without a bra.

Madeline is a fashion expert who runs a TikTok account @maddiejosephinee where she gives her audience styling tips as well as reviews affordable clothing.

Madeline responded to a complicated bra hack video, which tried to explain the best way to accentuate your cleavage but looked uncomfortable and complicated.

After watching the confusing hack, the fashion expert decided to share with her followers the best cleavage hack she has found that doesn’t rely on straps or struggling with a strapless bra.

In the TikTok video, Madeline said: “Please just let me show you a much easier way to do a strapless bra. Don’t end up feeling like this.”

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The fashion expert swears by stick-on bra pads. She claims the pads help highlight cleavage in an outfit and are the “best sticky bra that I have found.”

Madeline wears self-adhesive bra pads by BoldShapeWear. The bra pads are currently $24.99 (£20.39) and come in both black and light pink.

In her comment section Madeline claimed that the bra was “superior” to any that she has tried on from Amazon or stores like Target. She said: “It is sticky and perfect if you have a top that is backless…or [a top] where the straps would show.”

In the caption of the video, Madeline said this bra worked to get the “best cleavage” in both low back and strapless clothes, and would also work perfectly for any brides nervous about their wedding dresses.

Madeline explained how to put the strapless bra on. She said: “You just hold your boobs and stick it on. Hold and stick and it will give you the best cleavage.”

She then put on the bra and demonstrated what it will look like. She said: “It’s very comfortable and I can move around all day, sweat all day, and it’s not coming off.”

She added that she has tried on lots of different sticky bras as a fashion expert but “this one is my favourite.”

Madeline also explained what breast sizes should consider trying out the bra, and said: I am a C-cup and I have no problems, and I think it would work well for a D or even double D. “

She then said: “So don’t waste your time with crazy bra hacks, tape and sticky bras are the way to go.”

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