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Harry and Meghan’s Coronation decision ‘irrelevant’ as Palace prepared for all scenarios | Royal | News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s decision on whether or not to attend the King’s Coronation is ‘irrelevant”, PR expert and Go Up‘s Chief Executive Edward Coram-James has claimed. He said the Palace are preparing for “every scenario” so a last-minute decision won’t have officials. The expert added that the plans would have been put in place “many months in advance” and planned “down to the most minute detail”.

Mr Coram-James told “In terms of planning, it will not make much of a difference either way.”

He added: “Those myriad scenarios will have been rehearsed, drilled and known by rote.

“The Sussexes could give the Palace their answer three minutes before the ceremony and the Palace would be able to simply say, okay “Plan B” or “Plan C”, and plan B or Plan C would be executed seamlessly.”

He continued: “No matter what decision the Royals have come to regarding how to handle any potential fallout from a show or a no show, they will be very well prepared for it already, so when the answer does come is relatively irrelevant.”

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He also added that, in the case the couple do not show up at Westminster Abbey on May, the Palace “will be unlikely to release any sort of statement about it”.

The PR expert added: “They will know that their power comes from them being seen to be the adults in the room, and thus far they have done an excellent job at giving the optics of mature parental figures versus difficult teenagers.”

Last month, the couple confirmed that an invite had been extended to them, despite some speculation that the King may snub them from an invite – particularly over the recent claims.

At the end of the statement, the couple’s spokesperson claimed that an “immediate decision” would not be made “at this time”.

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Concern has peaked over the past few days as it was reported the King had imposed a deadline on when guests could accept the invite.

The date was supposedly end of play on April 3, with the Sussexes now past the date indicated.

As of April 6, the Palace is reportedly still waiting on Harry and Meghan’s confirmation.

It has also been reported that the couple’s two children, three-year-old Archie and 22-month-old Lilibet, have not been invited.

The couple’s son, Archie, will celebrate his fourth birthday on the day of the Coronation.

This has also led to speculation over whether the couple could use their Archie’s birthday as an excuse for a no-show.

Although no mention of Harry, royal expert Charles Rae previously told GB News that Archie’s birthday could be a “perfect excuse” for Meghan to not attend.

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