Girl tortured with knives and cigarettes after being lured to fake party by teenagers | World | News

A 13-year-old girl has been brutally tortured after being lured to a fake party by three other girls of similar age. The teenager was tied up, burnt, and had knives thrown at her and bottles smashed over her face, as well as being stamped on.

The ghastly incident took place in the Gold Coast town of Tewantin in Western Australia on March 11.

Her family were forced to go into hiding after footage of the ordeal emerged online, the Australian Courier Mail reports.

The victim’s mother alleges that her daughter was befriended by the three girls a fortnight prior to the incident. She claims that they invited her daughter to a “party”, which was nothing of the sort.

Upon arrival, the victim was subjected to five hours of gruesome torture by the girls, aged 12-14, the result of which put her in hospital for a week.

The girl’s mother said: “Her face was swollen to a degree that you couldn’t recognise her. It looked like her head was going to explode.”

It is also alleged that the girl was showered by her attackers in the wake of the torturing, before being forced to clean up her own blood.

The perpetrators allegedly warned that they would kill the girl’s family if she alerted anyone to what had happened.

A shocking video recorded by one of the alleged torturers showed the two other girls hitting the victim over the head and cornering her with a knife.

The mum told local media: “When I saw her she was trying to defend these girls saying ‘they saved my life, I got jumped on the way to their house’ … they guarded her so she couldn’t tell the truth but I knew that something was off,” the mother told local press.

The victim’s face was swollen, she had two black eyes and was covered in bruises.

The mother also said her daughter was “stabbed in the knee” however thankfully her tendons were missed. She also fractured her wrist.

While investigations continue, the family are hiding out in an Airbnb.

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