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Nikita Mazepin is still hoping to make a return to F1 as he seeks legal action to get sanctions lifted against Russian athletes, although he knows that any such development is unlikely to take place any time soon.

“I really hope I will have the opportunity to return to F1, but today it looks quite difficult,” said Mazepin, who was dropped by Haas before the start of last season following Russia‘s invasion of Ukraine.

“If sanctions are lifted and things are not as they are now, then I am ready. I have a lot of legal colleagues who are working to give me the opportunity to return to the sport, but at the moment there is no great success.

“We’re working on the European Union, Great Britain, Canada. If I’m not mistaken, I am even under sanctions in Montenegro. I’ve never been there and there are no races there.

“You know, there is a contagious effect with sanctions. Someone introduces it, others introduce it too. So we are trying to justify with lawyers that this should not happen to athletes.”

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