F1 drivers ‘not happy’ as FIA chief shot down in Miami Grand Prix briefing | F1 | Sport

Several F1 stars have called out the FIA over new rule changes at a drivers’ briefing ahead of the Miami Grand Prix. It comes after race organisers reduced the DRS with two zones for this weekend’s race altered by 75 metres.

Similar changes were made for last week’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix which have been blamed for a processional race in Baku. Several drivers including Lewis Hamilton and George Russell have raised concerns about DRS updates in the run-up to the weekend.

Russell even admitted he would be holding talks with F1 bosses when pressed on the new changes ahead of the weekend. F1 reporter Adam Cooper has now revealed that the drivers’ briefing on Friday night ran for a full hour as drivers raised their concerns.

He stressed much of the meeting was about the new DRS changes with several drivers “not happy”. However, the FIA is understood to be “reluctant to change” the new reductions without further studying the data.

Speaking on Thursday, Russell stressed that drivers across the grid have been left baffled by recent DRS alterations. He explained: “I think all of us didn’t really understand why they’ve been shortened.

“None of us were consulted about it or asked our opinion on it and I think the race speaks for itself in Baku.

“I don’t know whether we’re going to keep it the same for this weekend. DRS is there to aid overtaking and it’s always exciting when you’ve got these big DRS advantages and it gives you the opportunity to fight and clearly in Baku it was way too short.”

Teams were also told about a presentation ceremony planned for Sunday to add to the show.

However, one driver used the opportunity to make a dig at the FIA decision-makers, suggesting there wouldn’t be a show without overtaking. Hamilton attacked the updates after last week’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix as he said that DRS had created great racing in the past.

He added: “They shortened the DRS this year down the straight, I don’t know why they did that, we have always had great racing the way the DRS was. By the time we turn DRS on, it was too late.”

But, not all drivers saw an issue with tweaking the system ahead of the weekend. Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso backed the new changes as he claimed overtaking was too simple last season.

He said: “It was the easiest [overtaking] here, last year, apparently. So that’s why I think FIA shortened the DRS. In Baku, it also was one of the easiest last year, so they shortened the DRS.”

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