England fan has Italy ticket cancelled after displaying offensive Maradona flag | Football | Sport

Gareth Southgate’s England side face a tough opening fixture as they look to book a place at the European Championship in Germany in 2024. Fears over crowd trouble in Naples has dominated the pre-match discussion. 

There were many concerns about hosting the high-profile international – a repeat of the Euro 2020 final – in Naples. “It’s for the Italian FA to decide where they play their games,” Southgate said this week. 

The Three Lions boss added: “I think everybody is looking forward to the experience of coming to Naples. “Personally, I am excited about playing in a city that loves football with a great history.

“To come here when I can just about remember Maradona when they won the league, and Careca, so I’m excited about that from the football side. Always, we ask our fans to be good tourists and respect the local culture. We hope the game and the next couple of days pass with no problems.”

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