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Donald Trump LIVE: Former US President awaits his fate after being accused of rape | US | News

The jury in ‘s rape trial began deliberations on Tuesday to decide whether the controversial former president sexually assaulted journalist E Jean Carroll in a department store in 1996.

Trump is also accused of defaming Ms Carroll after he denied her claims of sexual assault and said she wasn’t his type and suggested she made up the story to boost sales of her book.

He also called the accusations a hoax and dubbed the former advice columnist a “nutjob”.

For Carroll to win her civil claim for sexual battery, the jury of six men and three women must reach a unanimous verdict based on “a preponderance of the evidence”, meaning that she is more likely than not to be telling the truth, a lower standard than for a criminal trial.

The deliberations could take anywhere from minutes to weeks as they must come to a unaminlus decision.


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