Dad orders budget toolbox on AliExpress but instead receives photo of it in full colour | World | News

A dad has gone viral after his hunt for a bargain on AliExpress turned into a bizarre joke. Posting on TikTok, user @marialegazzz explained that her dad had ordered a new toolbox from the Chinese retail service. But he left was short-changed after he was sent a photo of the product instead.

In the video, the TikTok user is chuckling as she explains her father was “scammed by AliExpress”.

She points the camera at her smiling face before shaking her head and switching to a view of the AliExpress listing.

The listing advertises a car repair toolbox that comes with a set of sockets and a ratchet wrench that was “new in 2022”.

She then pans to her dad’s brand-new “toolbox”.

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What she reveals is a crumpled piece of paper showing multiple pictures of a green toolbox crammed with tools.

Legions of other users have found the situation equally as hilarious as the tricked dad’s daughter.

More than two million people have viewed the video, with hundreds of thousands of likes and hundreds of comments.

Some said their parents had a similar experience when ordering from AliExpress.

One commenter said: “My dad bought a drill for 15 dollars and they sent him a sign of the drill.”

The dad of another commenter said he received a “drill printed on a metal plate” after making a similar order.

Another recounted their own experience, saying they bought a rug “and a mouse pad arrived”.

Other users made light of the situation, with one saying: “At least they printed it in colour.”

One user helpfully explained how the dad can get his money back.

They said: “Make a claim for Aliexpress – they will refund your money with the evidence.”

The original creator said they had already done so and were waiting on AliExpress to answer their claim.

The listing included in @marialegazzz’s video shows that the item is no longer available on the platform. has reached out to AliExpress for comment.

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